Why Your CVs Target Has Lost It’s Aim; It’s a Lack of Personal Branding

Market yourself. That’s what you have to do when you are looking for that successful career path. But how do you do that? You’re not a marketer or a salesperson, but personal branding in your CV or resume is crucial to your getting that position you want. The solution is to use a personal template to self-brand your skills. This type of self-promoting is becoming a very successful way of getting your CV seen by the big decision makers.

In this day and age, it is your personal branding that replaces the conventional OBJECTIVE statement, and offer a more engaging approach to presenting your experience to the reader.

How Does Branding Work in a CV?

personal templateIn this age of information, a successful CV is one that stands out from the rest, one that has its own identica and answers the question “Why should I hire you?” even if the prospective employer hasn’t asked the question yet.  It is by using a CV for personal branding that you will describe your value to the client (the employer). It’s tis that will sell your abilities and entice the recruiter into giving you an interview. Reflect on this; you only have about 60 seconds to get that recruiter’s attention, to stand out from the crowd. Therefore it’s critical to structure and strategically write the CV to get that impact on the recruiter.

When thinking of a personal brand, ensure it has the following key objectives:

  • Credibility

  • Consistency     throughout: The CV, cover letter, online presence, business contact     information needs to have a consistent look and feel throughout

  • One of the important objectives for the CV is that it differentiate your information from that of the competition.

How to Find that Personal Brand?

Take some time for contemplation; use your imagination. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What one word would you say best describes you?
  • Tenacious, courageous, resilient, persuasive, effervescent?
  • What would you say your leadership skills are? Are you a coach a mentor or an influential leader?
  • What makes you different from others? Are you an expert at something? Have you earned a reputation within the company you work for?

These questions are just those you should start with when developing your personal brand. Ask your family and friends for their opinion on your personal brand statement.

Then What

Once you understand what your experience is it’s time to present it in a way that quickly draws in the reader. It’s an attractive proposal you want to make, just as if you were selling a service. It’s crucial that the CV be functional but also attractive.

It’s All in The Content

Your resume is one of the most important tools you have. It is the product you sell. It speaks of your past accomplishments but also informs of your future capabilities. The treatment you get from an employer will be that which is reflected by the professionalism of your CV, so it must draw in the reader, be attractive, reflect your experience and be professional. It must be a CV for professional appeal; one that is on target and quick to make a statement. This is your advantage.

However, this impact is inexistent, if the objectives for the CV aren’t elaborated with quality on-target information and key points, which requires you to include the following specific points within the content.

red_icon_1 A Strong Title or Job Target

This is a  key objective, a strong statement which is a part of your personal branding and it is the first  impression a hiring manager gets. It is the statement that draws his attention. This should be a quick summary of your accomplishments and career successes. This is the statement that sets the tone and presents your services to the client, the hiring manager. Use a consistent tone throughout your CV.

 red_icon_2Add Links

One of the best ways to stand out against other candidates is by informing the hiring manager that you know your way around the web. Link to your professional profiles and websites. If you link to your Twitter and LinkedIn profile, you offer the employer a way of learning more about you, and about the contributions you’ve made in your industry.

 red_icon_3Summarize the Highlights

Hiring managers don’t have  a lot of time to read through resumes so writing out long descriptions of your accomplishments doesn’t work. But by making a section that highlight the best moments of your career will work. This draws the readers attention directly to your accomplishments, and the most memorable moments of your career. This can list your your efforts as leader and how these increased revenue. Try to include at least four highlights and tailor them to the job for which you are applying.

 red_icon_4Add Initiatives

Instead of listing out the tasks assigned to you, place these as initiatives. So for instance, if your tasks involved answering the phone and taking messages, you might change it into an initiative like this: “Developed an effective communications method with varying key features.”

red_icon_5 Add Testimonials

You are not overselling yourself when you add recommendations or testimonials of your skills. This is a new trend so it can make your CV stand out.

What About Design?

personal templateAs with most content, it’s not all about the wording, the design and aesthetic beauty of the document is also important. That’s not to say covering your CV with hearts, puppies or cute icons is going to get you anywhere either.  A good CV is about direct, on target and specific information that shows how you can benefit the company but set up in a way that is attractive and interesting to look at as well. Self branding and Identica are important when creating a CV as they make an emphatic statement; “I am worth hiring.”

How to Do It Well

Self branding is about the words, graphs and icons you use. Yes, you can do it yourself, but that will take long hours of work, especially when you aren’t familiar with writing styles, and the different ways of highlighting and focusing on specific information. Creating graphs, icons and specific business highlight functions is also time consuming; so instead it’s always best to get professional help through the use of a CV creator. Sure you may pay a little, but a CV that stands out from others is also more likely to make your skills stand out from the hundreds of others.

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