UK Student CV Help

A CV is vital for every student for any job

It is a summary of your skills, knowledge, abilities and experience that you have obtained so far in your life, as well as your interests outside of your studies. If you are a student, or a graduate with two years or less experience, our UK Student CV Help service was specifically designed with you in mind.

When you are a student, or just about to enter the workforce, all work experience counts, whether paid, voluntary, co-op, internships or job shadowing where you work alongside someone for a short time to see what their job is like. With our UK Student Help service, our writers outline your responsibilities and achievements that were/are relevant to the job advert. And we provide more information for recent and relevant roles.

Because you are so new to the workforce, or just about to enter it, you may not realize that there are two different types of CVs.

  • Reverse Chronological: Outlines your career history with date order, starting with the most recent items. It is detailed and very biographical, with a combination of education and work experience.
  • Skills-Based: This is a highly focused CV which aligns the job seeker’s knowledge, skills and abilities to a specific job advert, or career field. Education and work history is less important.

The reverse chronological CV is ideal for students because they have not worked enough to acquire sufficient knowledge, skills and abilities. Our UK Student CV Help service is designed with that in mind, and in such a way, that our clients have a winning combination of education and work experience.

Employers see and evaluate many CVs every day, so your CV must stand out from competing job applicants. The devil is always in the details, so let our UK Student CV Help service take care of the details and get rid of all your worries. Our UK Student CV Help service package includes:

  • FREE Initial CV reviews.
  • FREE advice on how to make your qualifications work for you as a fresh graduate.
  • Personal advice related to your career industry.
  • An in-depth CV interview with one of our CV writers
  • Drafts of your new computer optimized CV until your order is completed.
  • Professional and computer optimized cover letter.
  • Follow-up consultation.
  • Follow-up/Thank you letter.
  • CV advice and proofreading, and other CV services.
  • 100 percent money back guarantee.
  • Lifetime storage and easy updating.

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