Social Networking And Job Search

social networking sites ukThe world is changing, and to find that dream job you’ve been looking for you’re going to have to employ 21st tactics. Social networking is huge in the UK, with scores of social networking sites UK to be found. And because using social media for job search is likely to increase your chances of finding the job that is right for you by 10%, it’s about time you got clued up on social networking sites UK and how they can boost your job search.

social networking sites uk socialThe Power Of A Social Networking Platform

Networking is hugely powerful when it comes to searching for a job. Not too long ago, we would have to go to corporate events to network, strike up a conversation with a potential employer over a glass of wine, and literally put ourselves out there.

But a social networking platform means that you can now network online without having to feel awkward about approaching a real-life businessman! If you know how to play the social networking game, the world is very much your oyster. By using the top social networking sites UK, you can enhance your career prospects and give your weary job search a much-needed boost.

social networking sites uk profileCreate An Online Profile For Yourself

An online presence is so important in 2015 if you’re focused on career growth. Your online profile needs to be professional, and it needs to showcase your skills, experience, special abilities, as well as your personality.

Building your brand means that any potential employer who comes across your profile may well be interested enough to contact you about a vacant position in their company. Moreover, hiring managers tend to carry out extensive online research on potential applicants, so you need to make sure that they come across your professional profile that appeals to them.

If nothing else, an online profile allows you to make numerous contacts with employers and employees from all around the world. Whenever an opportunity comes up, it may just be you and your “excellent problem solving skills” that they turn to.

social networking sites uk facebookUsing Social Media For Job Search – The Perils Of Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social media platform out there, and there are certainly more personal profiles than there are professional profiles. You might not realise it, but hiring managers do tend to look you up on Facebook if they’re considering hiring you for a position. For this reason, you have to be super careful regarding how you conduct yourself on this particular social networking platform. The wrong kind of comment could easily see your online profile take a hammering.

social networking sites uk linkedinSocial Networking Sites UK – LinkedIn

LinkedIn is probably the best social networking platform in the UK for job searching. It allows you to make connections with employers and employees from all around the world; share and read articles; contact potential employers, as well as generally revel in a huge networking atmosphere home to millions of users. There are jobs posted daily, and because your online profile is your resume, there is no need to keep drafting up new CVs or resume format 2016 . There is even a high chance that a hiring manager will come to you with a new job!

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