Linkedin Profile Development

Many people got to start their career immediately after completing their education by being recruited through the education system or with an outside contact. However, this is difficult to accomplish with today’s competitive economy. Employers are searching for experienced and professional employees that often require little to no training. Professional networking sites such as Linkedin can act as a contact source for meeting prospective employers.

 Social Networking versus Professional Networking

If you already belong to a social networking site such as Facebook or MySpace you understand the advantage a social networking site can have in regards in making new contacts. There are several ways to find new contacts on the internet including Linkedin. This is a professional networking site designed for meeting business contacts and staying in contact with previous business associates. When you have a powerful profile on Linkedin you have the opportunity to showcase your abilities, achievements and skills. An effective profile on Linkedin can help you become associated with others who are in the fields that interest you.

 Professional Networking Profile

We have professional writers who are highly experienced in creating a networking profile that will help you make an impressive web presence. When our writers design you a profile for professional networking sites such as Linkedin you gain instant recognition by hundreds of potential employers in the fields that interest you. Although getting your resume sent off to prospective employers, being connected to others on Linkedin increases your chances of getting the employment you want.

 Increase Your Connections

There have been several studies done that show people who have at least twenty different connections on Linkedin increase their chances of being approached for employment by 34%. It is important to maximize your opportunities with an effective profile. Our professional writers understand what is required for a profile and resume to get noticed on Linkedin.

 Professional Writers to Help you Succeed

Our staff of experienced writers will design you a summary that represents you and your voice. The profile will be well written and in a language that is goal driven. The writers will work with you to create a professional overview that is similar to a professional resume that contains powerful information, yet is readable. We will provide you with tips that will help you to build your contact list and obtain exceptional recommendations. Your profile will be a tool you can use to market yourself throughout your job search.