We have a service available to suit the needs of everyone searching for a new job or a career change. We have professional writers experienced in a variety of fields and industries to help you with creating a high quality resume, CV, letters, job coaching and profile building and much more. Whether you are new to the job force or are searching for a new career, we have the services to help you succeed.

 CV Writing Service in UK

If you need a CV, we have a complete staff of experienced writers and editors who are experienced in creating a CV to highlight you and your accomplishments. The CV is an important part of the application process that summarizes your education, experience and achievements. However, if the CV is drafted effectively prospective employer will only scan the document as opposed to stopping to read it completely. The CV can be the determining factor for getting the interview or not. We can develop a CV that will get you an interview.

 Letter Writing from Experts

One of our most popular services is our letter writing. An effective cover letter can demonstrate your personality as well as put a focus on why you would be a benefit to the potential employer. There are a majority of interviewers or HR managers that will not accept an application without a cover letter. The cover letter is your opportunity to provide detail that would otherwise not be seen in a CV or application. A follow up letter is a letter written to the company as a thank you for the interview. The follow up letter also acts as a reminder about your to the interviewer. We can create a cover or follow up letter to help enhance your CV.

 Profile Building to Boost Your Career

We have professionals on staff who are experienced with designing a custom profile for customers who want to become a member of LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a professional networking site that allows you to stay in contact with clients, other businesses and connect with new business associates. An effective profile on LinkedIn can help you gain recommendations and you can request introductions for other individuals who are employed in fields that interest you. We can design a profile that will provide you with a powerful web presence that potential employers are searching for.

 Interview Coaching

If you have gotten the interview and are now stressed about it, our job coaching services can help you overcome any stress and fear you have regarding the upcoming interview. We will teach you how to answer questions effectively as well as what questions potential employers would like to hear from possible employees. Our staff is experienced in a variety of fields and industries. We know what the HR departments are searching for in your career choice and we can help you have a successful interview.