Peculiarities Academic Curriculum Vitae

An academic CV is similar to a career CV in that it must be tailored to the job you are applying for. An academic CV is typically more detailed and longer than a standard CV and it should be focused on experienced that is relevant. When CV services in UK prepare academic CV’s they are meant to be used as part of your academic application. Even if you are still in grad school, it is never too soon to compose a CV.

Academic CV Services in UK highlight all of your scholarly accomplishments and even if you are currently in school, it is still beneficial to begin drafting your CV. For an academic CV to be considered high quality it must include several pieces of pertinent information including:

  • Contact information-this section includes all of your personal information such as name, address, email, phone, fax and home or office number.
  • ŸEducation-the education section when prepared by CV services in UK includes your major, the type of degree you are working towards and the dates you earned all undergraduate degrees. If you haven’t already completed the graduate program, you should also include the expected date you will earn your degree.
  • ŸReferences-it is important to include a minimum of two academic references. Remember to ask permission of the professor before listing them as a reference.
  • ŸHonors and awards-this is where all of the awards, graduation honors and other special academic honors are listed. Each honor and award must have the institute where you earned the award and the date for which the award was given.
  • ŸResearch experience-this is where you list all of your practical’s, assistantships and all other research experience. You must also include the institution where you did the research, nature of the research, dates, duties and the supervisor.
  • ŸTeaching experience-in this section list all courses where you assisted as a teacher’s assistant, taught or co-taught. Include the institution, what your role was and the supervisor. As you continue with your education, this section will be added to.
  • ŸExperience- list all professional jobs you held including part time or summer jobs.
  • ŸComputer and statistical experience-this section is highly relevant if you are in a doctoral program that is relevant to research. Include all courses you have taken that pertain to computer programs, statistics, analysis and data.