Interview Preparation For Graduates

graduate positionWe all want an interview, yet few us actually look forward to the interview. It’s something of a double-edged sword when we’re looking for a new job: After all, securing the interview is what we all want, but the actual interview itself? Hm, that’s one of the most nerve wracking processes we’ll ever have to go through. If you get to nervous and fumble over your words, the chances are that there’ll be no job for you. Get it right, however, and you could find yourself strolling into a brand new job that changes your life forever. That’s how important the interview is.

If you’re in a graduate position and you’ve got a job interview, it can be easy to get pretty nervous. After all, this could be your first ever job interview and as a result you’re not sure what to expect. To help get you clued up on how to prepare for interview questions for graduates, let’s take a look at what you can expect in the interview arena.

graduate position interviewBe Prepared!

If you’re in a graduate position and you’re going for your first job interview after college, you’ll no doubt be pretty pleased with yourself. You’re an adult now and this is what adults do; they go for job interviews, they secure the jobs, and they live a great life, right?

Sure! But you’re not going to ace the job interview unless you prepare first. Rather than being pleased as punch upon securing the job interview until crumbling into a bag of nerves a day before the actual interview, we suggest that you spend the time between bagging the interview and actually turning up for it preparing.

This means you should put yourself in the position of a graduate recruitment consultant and consider the interview questions for graduates they might ask. You should also do some research into the company and unearth a few facts about them so that if they ask what you like best about them you’re able to answer without fidgeting and saying ‘Uh … I like your wallpaper?”

graduate position practicePractice For Graduate Position

Anyone who is the best at anything, be it actors, basketball players or singers, are only the best because they practice, practice, practice. And whilst you’re in a a graduate position going for an interview with a graduate recruitment consultant, we still suggest that you practice how you speak to people.

Talk aloud to yourself, and introduce yourself as you would to the recruitment staff. Answer a few made-up questions to yourself, and work on your posture, voice projection and eye contact. All of these things are important to iron out your nerves.

graduate position aimInterview Questions For Graduates: Arm Yourself With A Few Examples

If you say to the graduate recruitment consultant that you’re good at solving problems, they will inevitably ask you to give an example. So that you aren’t stuck for an example, you should come up with a few before heading into the interview.

It’s remarkably easy to come up with these examples before the interview, but if you are asked to reel off a few examples during the interview it is so very easy to get brain fog. This is often due to the pressure.

graduate position energyShow Your Enthusiasm And Energy

No, we’re not asking you to come across as a hypoactive kid who “Just LOVES your company!!!”

Instead, we’re just asking that you show some positivity and energy about the job you have applied for. Hiring managers want to see energy from applicants, and they don’t want to see flat personalities. A flat personality says to the hiring manager that you will be so dull at your job that customers won’t want to go anywhere near the company. Smile and be enthusiastic with your answers.

If you’re are still not feeling ready and confident, try using social media for job search.

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