Great CV Samples 2015

If you’re looking for a new CV format for 2015, you’ll be interested to know that some of the latest CV formats are delivering excellent results. These new formats are designed to provide more information, better presentation, and most importantly, to work well with the job application process.

Best CV Format 2015

If you’re not happy with your existing CV format, and worrying about its performance, you probably do need a new CV 2015. The simple fact is that some CV layouts aren’t particularly well suited to the modern job market. Old-style CVs are basically being phased out in favour of new, better options.

Functional CV Sample 2015

A case in point is the rise of the functional CVs. Functional CV layouts are designed to provide a lot of information regarding key skills. In fact, they have a separate section for skills built in.

One of the reasons for their success is that this sometimes very large range of skills also inevitably includes keywords required to pass computer screening. Not only do these CVs provide excellent space management, simply listing key skills, but they also provide useful information for manual readers, who are able to instantly identify core skill sets.

Creative CV Samples 2015

If you’re thinking that this new approach to CV formatting is really based on practical necessities, you’re absolutely right. The old chronological CVs do still have a function, but they are simply not designed to provide this information.

Many people make a basic mistake – thinking that their work history includes an obvious range of skill sets that recruiters, employers, and readers will instantly understand. That is simply not the case. The best approach is to spell out your skills, qualifications, and certifications.

If you work in the IT industry, you will be well aware of this problem. The sheer range and number of different skills, systems, platforms and other basic information required by employers makes functional CVs a very good option indeed for IT people. In multitasking jobs, the situation is similar, requiring specific skills related to the jobs. You can see why functional CVs are so popular.

Alternative CV Format 2015

Another, very important class of CVs, Alternative CVs are becoming standard best practice in a range of professions. This type of CV uses profession-based presentation and excellent visual values. A graphic artist, for example, will provide a CV layout 2015 which is very strong in graphic presentation. Alternative CVs will use logos, graphic representations of specific elements of the CV, and other devices very effectively.

Originally considered no more than a gimmick, this type of CV uses a layout which is very similar to a magazine layout. If you’ve ever used Adobe InDesign or similar software, you will know how easy it is to use this software to create publications. This principle is used by the Alternative CVs as a major asset, and it works very well.

These CVs not only present well, they also deliver information equally well. A good layout and thoughtful formatting allows excellent use of space to present skills, experience, qualifications, and much more. Some CVs use sidebars to list skills, for example, saving a lot of space in providing a large amount of information quickly and simply.

New CV Format 2015

If you’re looking for a new CV format for 2015, check out these different formats, and see which you prefer. Take the time to experiment with the formats using your existing CV as a basic template for information. You’ll find that the different CV formats offer a much better use of space, better layout options, and deliver far more information than your existing CV.

The best CV format in 2015 will definitely be a mix of presentation, style, and information quality. You’ll love your new resume sample 2016.