FAQ on How To Layout a CV

What do you mean – how to layout a CV? Isn’t there only one method for how to do a CV layout to apply for a position? These are examples of frequently asked questions we receive  about the process creating a CV at CVLayout.net. We hope that this page answers any questions you may have about CV layout ideas or CV layout tips.

1. Wouldn’t how to layout a CV be the same as writing a resume?

The most important aspect of how to layout a CV is understanding the difference between a resume and a CV. A CV is much longer than a resume and is often several pages in length. A CV includes more details about your education, work experience and accomplishments giving a potential employer much more information about how qualified you are for the position.

2. What kinds of CV layout ideas can you suggest for my needs?

There are different layout ideas to consider for every CV. The one that is best for you depends on the job posting and your qualifications. The typical CV layout ideas we will help you choose from are:

  • Traditional CV. This is the standard CV written in reverse chronological order.
  • Skills based CV. This is also called a functional CV and concentrates on your skills relevant to the job. It is the best one to choose when you wonder how to layout a CV when you have gaps in your employment.
  • Academic CV. This is the best choice for recent graduates or those who do not have a lot of work experience. It focuses on your educational qualifications.

3. What sort of CV writing tips can you offer to clients?

The writing tips we offer to clients depend on their individual needs. We contact you when you place an order and dicuss your career goals and what you expect from us when you want to know how to layout a CV. We can give you ideas of how to list your skills, which skills should be highlighted and the best sections of the CV to start with first.

We have the answers to many other questions about how to layout a CV at CVLayout.net.  Use the order form to ask how we can help.