CV Types

There are several factors to consider when creating a CV. CV Services in UK suggest the CV be no longer than two pages except if it is for a medical CV or an IT when the document can often reach 20 pages to include audits , publications and presentations. There are a variety of different types of CV’s each of which is best suited for particular types of employment or career changes. You will typically choose between a chronological, functional or a combination. There are several other styles, however, these are the primary choices.

Chronological CV

The most traditional and most widely requested format for CV Services in UK is the Chronological CV. The chronological CV basically is an outline of your educational history and work history. This style is ideal if you have been in the same career for the majority of your working life and have been steadily working your way up. A chronological CV is also beneficial if you prefer to highlight your employment instead of achievements.

Functional CV

CV Services in UK uses the functional CV format for clients who need a CV that focuses on and highlights their achievements and skills that they have gained throughout their working career, regardless of where the skills were acquired. This format is beneficial if you have gaps in your career or if you are going through a complete career change. A functional CV is also the best style to use for college students who are just entering the work field. This type of CV is also used to demonstrate to a prospective employer that you have the skills needed for the job even though you do not have the field experience.

Combination CV

A combination CV is when both the chronological and the functional format are used to create a CV. CV Services in UK uses this format style when the client wants to combine their work history and education with their achievements and skills. This type of CV is often lengthy and unless you have a professional draft the CV for you or are confident in your writing abilities because it is easy to stray off track and make the CV difficult to read. When this type is used the achievements and skills are the first listed and followed by the education and work history. Although this type of document is the most powerful and informative, it should be well thought out before drafting to avoid losing the goal of the CV, which is to impress the HR department. A combination CV is often used for those seeking executive or managerial positions and for someone who has a great deal of experience in the field for which they are applying.