A Checklist of an Outstanding CV

Preparing to write your CV requires knowing the details to include making the CV standout as well as being readable. CV Services in UK has a standard, easy to follow checklist they provide all of their writers with to ensure that the CV you receive is custom written and meets the standards that HR departments are looking for. The following 17 item checklist is intended to be a guide for preparing a high quality CV.

CV Service in UK Checklist

  1. Thoroughly research the position you are applying to in order to have effective content relating to the position and the company where you are submitting the CV.
  2. Check all of your contact information to determine if it is all current. You will include an email address and phone number on the CV so make sure to change your email address to a professional sounding name.
  3. Determine if your profile statement exactly targets the position you are applying for.
  4. Double check to determine if you have provided the evidence necessary to back up the information you have provided about yourself in the CV profile.
  5. All information in the CV should be as quantified as possible.
  6. Include all of your achievements in the order of their relevance and/or significance to fit the position you are applying to.
  7. Use terminology that everyone who is involved in reading the CV will understand.
  8. Remove all acronyms, jargon and abbreviations from the CV.
  9. Proofread the CV as you are working on it to make sure it reads as balanced. Even out the emphasis of skills and special notations on each previous position as opposed to highlighting the most recent.
  10. Write the content of your CV in an upbeat tone and make it sound as though you are enthusiastic about the position you are applying for.
  11. Make sure you are confident about all information you have included in the CV. Any information that you are uncomfortable discussing in an interview should be removed.
  12. Check and double check all dates on the CV. One of the most overlooked mistakes on a CV is the dates when someone starts and ends a job so make sure that the dates coincide.
  13. Remember to include the reference for the position you are applying to and where you first encountered the advertisement or position posting.
  14. Include all of the information as it was specified in the advertisement such as job details, salary and interview dates.
  15. Do not rely on a software spellchecker. Carefully review the CV for any errors in spelling, grammar or punctuation.
  16. Use quality paper and a good printer to print the CV and cover. If it is an application, use black ink to make sure the copy will be crisp.
  17. Proofread the CV, carefully then proofread it again by reading it out loud. If possible have someone else such as CV Services in UK review the CV after you have completed it.